The GLOBALL prototype is now ready to be lasered. On the left is one of 30 Illustrator files and on the right is the wooden ball, which has been marked to match the corresponding image. Wish me luck!

"A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play."
James P. Carse from his book Finite and Infinite Games.

After 90 days of soaking in PEG (Polyethelene glycol) the first GLOBALL prototype has emerged. The PEG will allow it to petrify so it won’t crack later. Drying time should be 6 weeks. I’m very excited to see what happens next! 

"Invent your own game and be the star of it because no one else knows how to play."
Roy Lichtenstein
There’s another world cup. It’s half full and we’ll share it together. 








Focal Length


There’s another world cup. It’s half full and we’ll share it together. 



The GLOBALL has been soaking in PEG for 58 days now. What is PEG you ask? Why it’s Polyethylene Glycol of course! An odorless, colorless, non-toxic goo that you’ve been smearing on your body and putting into your cavities for years. Toothpastes, mouthwashes, deodorants and yes, even lube are all made of Polyethylene Glycol. What PEG does is replace the water in the wood with itself. That way, when the ball comes out and dries, since it won’t have anymore moisture in it, it won’t expand or contract with changes in temperature or humidity and therefore won’t have any cracking or splitting.

So, if you needed an update on Oliver’s project, know I’m busy lubing my ball. Picture below!


An exciting milestone has been reached! The first GLOBALL prototype has been milled by my friend Ethan Pollack in Seattle, Washington, USA. Stay tuned to watch it become a finalized ball. 


GLOBALL is an opportunity for the public at-large to reclaim art back unto itself. Art for art’s sake is a dying imperative, and subsequently, so is the role of its reception, which qualifies and signifies the value of art.

The art of GLOBALL is in how it harnesses the human spirit and relies on ideals of humanism to sustain its existence. It’s empowering, inclusive and implicitly takes on the task of determining through the tension between viewer, subject and object.


- Janet Alexander

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